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Give Us 28 52 Days And We Will Help You... 
Step Confidently Into Your Destiny For 2021!

Join us Friday, March 26th
for the 7-Week Destiny Coaching 
Self Care...Soul Care Mastermind 
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52 days of weekly group coaching, daily meditation,
and community for only $197
Spring is a very special season... we go double the weeks to prepare us for the coming of Pentecost 2021 by Counting the Omer! 
This is like plugging directly into God's Life Coaching plan :)
The Omer is a countdown from Passover to Pentecost (Shavuot in Hebrew) which memorializes the Israelites’ journey from spiritual babyhood to adulthood. During this 49-day count, Israel ascended from the depths of slavery and suffering in Egypt, were baptized in the Red Sea, and then arrived at Mount Sinai—a place of a spiritual standing before Adonai as a kingdom of priests.
It was there that Adonai gave them His instructions in righteousness—the Torah. 
This time period represents Israel’s passage from slavery to freedom
The counting of the Omer is the story of our lives also. It pictures our own journey of going from bondage to freedom. 
Discover what God taught to His people there in the wilderness over those 49 days...
Here's What You Get When You Join Today:

Mindful Meditation

MON - FRI @10:00am CST
Every morning Judy will personally guide you into quieting your 
mind and soul. 
A Mindful Meditation practice will bring all that you are learning 
and experiencing to a subconscious level. This daily discipline will completely transform your mindset and will lock in new  possibilities. 
You will learn the G.I.V.E. Principle from the one who created it! 
You will experience 
improvement in your sleep patterns, anxiety & stress levels, overall
mental health and experience incredible breakthroughs in all areas.  
(25 min.)

Group Coaching

These 7 weekly Zoom calls will be your lifeline to intense growth as we continue in the power of our 
Destiny Coaching as we 
Count the Omer. 
In this unique mastermind, we are going to bring the power of the 
HOLY SPIRIT into alignment with God's purpose for our lives. 
You will experience intentional coaching and support as we dig deep into the 7 aspects of God's character...this will be an
  unforgettable season of your life.
(2 hrs.)

Spiritual Guidance (Priceless)

Vicki will lead you deeper into the 
 Hebrew roots of your faith as you connect to the power 
of the scriptures. We are now in the Spring Season of 5781 
and there has never been a better time to experience the power of God's covenant as you navigate the direction He is personally calling you into! 
Discover new perspectives as we align with God's calendar and dive into the easy-to-follow  2021 Thrive Guide as Vicki offers guidance and support to help you step confidently
into your destiny. 
(45 min)

All of this is valued at more than $1,344... 
we bring it to you for only $197

Meet Your Coaches

Judy Thureson is a Best-Selling Author and Personal Development Coach specializing in Health and Wellness. She is certified in the Grief Recovery Method and NLP. She has been an incredible influence in the lives of hundreds of people through her writing, speaking, and coaching.
Vicki Hagadorn has been helping people as a Personal Development Coach specializing in rebuilding after loss, grief and trauma for the last 18 years through the Grief Recovery Method. 
Together, they founded the Get Inspired Movement in 2013 and have been partnering ever since to serve as many people as possible through their coaching, retreats, conferences, books, events and teaching!

Having a Personal Coach in Your Corner is the Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself and we've got your back!
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Here's what It All Looks Like:

  • Daily Mindful Meditation 
  • 7 Weekly Group Destiny Coaching Zoom Calls
  • Weekly LIVE Spiritual Guidance
  • Daily direction in the 7 aspects of God's character 
  • My Omer mobile app. 
  • ​​Incredible support from a Tribe of like-minded people!
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